Silence, tiresome and pens are carving painful letters on walls.
Silence, tears and smolder are suffocating the place and souls inside.

Silence, fear and flames are sucking colors out of smiles.

Burnt photos, demolished dreams, remains of laughter are echoing among the remains of walls.

A humble house, once, built as a home then turned into a refuge.

A home, built by sweaty days of an old man, whose sweat sparkled and defied darkness. Darkness circled the future of youth as the old man demised.

Terror is breaking from far. Terror is reaching from far. That terror will be disappointed by the truth. The residents have left. They followed the old man’s trail and laughed.

Tyranny will arrive. Injustice will wallow in the void and weep among the ruins.

An unjust king, of a heart as black as ink, holding a grudge as fiery as the sun, will conquer that house or what’s left of home.

And that is how things are.

Alone in this World

Photo taken by me @Waelboy

Someday I will plant a seed in my heart. A seed of Love. I will water it with as much happiness as I can afford. And, Will take care of it.

In Summer, I will reflect sunlight with my smile. Hope will overwhelm my heart, and bloom within. In fall, I will set my tears loose. And, unleash my sorrows into the emptiness of naked branches and the silence of fallen leaves. In winter, rivers will flood inside of me. Screams will dig their way out, and explode in harmony with winds blowing. In Spring, that seed will crawl out of my muddy heart, and with it, peace will embrace my trembling nerves.
Anger has drunken me with bitterness; a sip at a time.Agony breached me, conquered my inside. A frown took shelter in my blurry eyes, and hatred filled my ears with humming all around.
I will reap what I sow, and this seed will grow. As with it, peace will take over while I cease to exist.