Black and White (Short Story – Part 3)

She tried to ask him again but then stopped. Maybe he needed sometime she thought. She waited until his tears went dry and his smile crawled up to his lips. “Did you see the red color?” She asked quietly. “No!” He answered bluntly. “Why were you crying then?” She asked back. “I... I felt overwhelmed.” … Continue reading Black and White (Short Story – Part 3)

Black and White (Short Story – Part 2)

He was running on the road like crazy. He stumbled upon a rock and fell to the ground with his cheek perfectly uniting with the asphalt. At this level, he saw the rain drops falling and the so many shy and sparkling bits were glittering before hitting the ground. It was perfect. He, then, remembered … Continue reading Black and White (Short Story – Part 2)

Black and White (Short Story – Part 1)

“I don't think I can do this anymore.” He exhaled heavily, stood up, left the room and closed the door behind him silently. He was so tired of trying with no luck. It has been years of trying and trying with no luck at all. He is different. He is not lost among options. He … Continue reading Black and White (Short Story – Part 1)

Notebook (Short Story – Part 1)

A police officer inspecting a room with a floor floating with pink water and numerous tiny bits of burnt papers. An old man looking cautiously at the police office when all of a sudden the officer turned to the old man and asked for a reminder of what happened. “There were so much screaming and … Continue reading Notebook (Short Story – Part 1)

Notebook (Short Story – Part 3)

Hardly crawling out of the bathroom, he had to recline on his elbows for his hands turned powerless. It was blood all over the ground. He was swimming in his own blood when he realized that his crawling is peeling his skin off. He looked back to see some skin of his arms and legs … Continue reading Notebook (Short Story – Part 3)

Notebook (Short Story – Part 2)

Heavy thunder broke into his dream, scattered its beauty like broken glass, and he woke up. Rolling his eyes in the surrounding darkness, he couldn't but wait to get used to it. It wasn't raining! If it wasn’t raining, then, where did that thunder come from? Was it really thunder? Or was it a roar? But … Continue reading Notebook (Short Story – Part 2)

When She Smiled

When she smiled, his whole life smiled back. She meant the whole world to him, but he never knew why! She was his dream girl, and she dreamt a lot. He rolled back in time remembering when he first met her... A girl walking on the road wearing a fabulous smile. She smiled at everyone, … Continue reading When She Smiled