Weird Love

Photo taken by me @waelboy

-Can I hold your hand?
-No you can’t.
-I will hug you!
-No you won’t.
-I’m going to kiss you!
-No you are not.
-Tell me?
-Every time you hold my hand, my skin freezes, my words stop at the edge of my mouth, and my lips crumble
-When you hug me, I feel secure between your arms, and it scares me. You make me want to run away, to hide, and search for danger.
-To run back to you and collapse between your arms
-When you kiss me, you make me shiver, you ignite the volcano that relaxes in my stomach
-Wy didn’t you say so before?
-Here I am, saying it now.
-Saying what?
-I love you!
-You do?
-Yeah, you love me with your actions, I love you with my words.
-Come give me a hug!
-Why now?
-Because I’m leaving!
-Oh, why?
-Because I’m strong, and you make me weak.
-We can be strong together.
-No, I’m doing fine on my own, thank you!
-You are weird!
-Yeah, I know.
-Ok, goodbye

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