Notebook (Short Story – Part 1)

A police officer inspecting a room with a floor floating with pink water and numerous tiny bits of burnt papers.

An old man looking cautiously at the police office when all of a sudden the officer turned to the old man and asked for a reminder of what happened.

“There were so much screaming and sounds of pain in the room. Me and the lady outside went out of our houses at the screaming sounds in the room and came knocking on the door. When there was no response to our knocks, I started to break in. “ The old man declared.

“And what did you find when you broke in?” The officer interrupted the old man.

“It was a total mess in here. Blood all over the floor, water spraying around from the roof, papers burning and a pair of boots in the middle of the room. We searched the whole room and we couldn’t find the young man. Maybe we were hallucinating when we heard the screaming, but this mess??!” The old man answered.

“Hallucinating, huh? And the blood just sprout out of the cobble???” The officer mocked the old man.

“Sir, I’m just telling you what happened with us. I am not making anything up, officer.” The old man objected.

“Oh, well, you are old, and that is enough for me. Supposedly, the young man will show up after all to clean his own mess. Get out please and keep an eye in the future.” The officer turned away from the old man and left the room.

The old man looked slyly at the leaving officer, went to the door and locked it firmly. He took off his slippers, put them on the wooden desk and started humming a soft melody while waving his hands in the air with the melody.

The melody stopped, “And you thought I would never help you, my friend” the old man mumbled slowly while sprinting to a corner of the room, moved the little dry plant away and removed the top of a steal sewer.

Suddenly all the blood that turned into pink water and the burnt pieces of the notebook ran magically to the sewer opening and started to pour in.

“There you go… Have a nice life, my friend.”

To be continued…

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