Black and White (Short Story – Part 1)

“I don’t think I can do this anymore.” He exhaled heavily, stood up, left the room and closed the door behind him silently.

He was so tired of trying with no luck. It has been years of trying and trying with no luck at all.

He is different. He is not lost among options. He only has two extremes to worry about. Black and White. He was born with a fault in his eyes, Monochromacy. No one noticed at first, no one knew he couldn’t see colors, no one until he once named the red color black.

His parents went to different doctors, tried many kinds of medicine but he couldn’t know what the word “colors” meant. He was doomed to stay like this for the rest of his life.

Now he is all grown up, ready to exploring life in every available aspect but without colors. It was long ago when he forgot and became desperate about colors. It really didn’t matter to him. Life was really nice and peaceful. He could sort out things the way that suited him best. It is just that others keep worrying and feeling sorry for him. Why don’t they just go solve their own problems? At this point, he locked his door and went walking on the street.

He was told that these grey tree are actually green. He was told that this light grey sky is actually light blue. And, he concluded that those roses in that shop are not originally black, but they are colored.

It was corky though. The idea seemed to be appealing somehow to him. How would things look like if they were colored? Will colors hurt his eyes? Will he be forced to close his eyes when any colors hits his eye? He must find out. He must see life in full colors.

And for this exact reason, he came to this so called “Magician”. They told him that this magician can make him see colors, but they were wrong. He was born this way. If it was

meant for him to see his life in colors, he would have been born as a very normal person with a normal vision.

On his way, wandering on the streets, he bumped into an old beggar. An old woman with a face wrinkled by time so brutally. What actually drew his attention was her eyes. She was blind, but her eyes were so penetrating to his soul. Clear greyed out eyes. He could swear that she looked into his heart and saw his agony. He approached her and sat on the floor in front of her.

“Welcome stranger!” she said.
“Can you see me?” he said.
“I can see through you, if that is what you mean.” she replied.
He sighed, bent his head and said: “ And I thought you could help me… but I guess you need help more than I do.”
“Young man, we all need help, and we all can help as well.” She commented.
“I envy you, old lady.” he murmured.

“And I envy you in return, young man. What you see is a blessing, and what you can’t see is a bigger blessing.” she stated.
“The last thing I need right now is wisdom.” He pulled himself together and started walking away.

“What you seek is in you, just embrace it…” she yelled back and raised her head up to the sky.

He arrived home, tired and grumpy. What is in him that he is searching for? How on earth he can make himself see colors? That old creepy lady and her wisdom…

Tucking himself into bed, he couldn’t but press the sides of his head with fingers, squeezing the headache away. And then he fell asleep.

His sleep was not a nice journey at all that night. He dreamt of colors, so many amazing and breathtaking colors. But to him, they were all black. He dreamt of being shot, by a

black gun, that sent a grey bullet to his heart, leaving a hole with traces of black gunpowder on the edges. It pained him, it hurt him, it made him scream and wake up. He woke up and screamed more. He screamed until his voice left him with a mouth wide open and silent. He got up and out of his bed.

It was raining that night and thunder rumbled in the sky. He lit up a cigarette and went out to the balcony of his room. Rain drops were fast. They splashed heavily on the ground. His headache stroke again, and while closing his eyes in pain, one of the rain drops splashed on the ground reflecting a color that he never saw before. It startled him, a glimpse of a color that didn’t last for more than a second. His eyes froze, his breath paused, and he became all focused on the ground. Thunder rumbled and lightening stroke in a place that is not far from him. He looked at the point where the silver lightening fell. His heart almost stopped at what he saw. Dusty fragments of colors were flying up to the sky. It was something that he never saw before. It was not black, it was not white and certainly it was not grey.

As fast as a bullet, he entered his room, grabbed his jacked and umbrella and ran out of his room to the source of colors he saw.

To be continued…

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