Black and White (Short Story – Part 2)

He was running on the road like crazy. He stumbled upon a rock and fell to the ground with his cheek perfectly uniting with the asphalt. At this level, he saw the rain drops falling and the so many shy and sparkling bits were glittering before hitting the ground. It was perfect. He, then, remembered the lightening. He stood up and ran faster. He kept running until he reached his desired destination. And nothing was there. It was all gone. The colors he somehow managed to see were gone. Nothing but a small hole in the ground. Disappointment conquered his facial details. Turning back home, he bumped into a young lady who just arrived to his spot. She startled him and made him freeze in place.

“Where are they?” she asked.

“Are they gone?” She insisted.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

“The black and white dust, where did it go?” She asked again.

“What black and white dust?” He asked in confusion.

“Ah, never-mind.” She replied.

She turned back and started to walk when he suddenly realized what she was talking about. He ran to her and stood right in front of her.

“Did you see them in black and white? The Rays, were they black and white to you?” He asked with enthusiasm.

“Forget about it, it was just an illusion, I guess.” She turned him down.

“No, it wasn’t. Do you have a problem with your eyes? Do you not see colors?” He asked happily, thinking he found someone like him.

“No dear, What I don’t see are Black and White.” She answered.

“Amazing. I don’t see colors.” He commented.

“I guess you are as fortunate as I am then.” She answered and walked away, not leaving the man with any chance to talk again.

He went back home with sadness all over his tears. That night confusion laid on his pillow as he desperately tried to sleep.

Many nights passed. Many rainy nights, and not one single hit of lightening visited again.

Winter was coming to an end and so were his hopes. He surrendered to his destiny and let go of the whole idea. Colors were never meant to visit his eyes. Colors will never be a part of his world.

With sadness, he took his cigarettes pack and went down the road walking silently. He kept walking and smoking relentlessly until some kind of musical noise approached his hearing. It was a circus. Right in the middle of a beautiful dark grey park. A park which trees were black and grass was grey. And the circus was there. Just there. He entered and started marking the smiles that everyone there was putting on face.

“Hey, black and white guy!” a female voice came from behind.

He turned around and the smile replaced his dry lips at that moment. It was that girl. The girls who only saw colors.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I was trying to have some fun. What about you?” She asked back.

“Well, I don’t know. I just arrived and thought I might wander around a bit.” He answered.

“Oh then, hope you have fun.” She answered and turned around leaving.


Do… Can… Can you help… me?” He asked.

“Help you with what exactly?” She murmured.

“Make me see colors. You might be the only one who understand what this means. I need colors. I want to color my life. Please!” He answered begging.

“Dear, I have no idea how to make that happen.” She blocked him.

“Please, just try!” He begged again.

She thought for a moment and looked around then said:

“Come, I have an idea.”

She grabbed him and started walking until they reached a Cotton Candy Kiosk. She gave some money to the vendor and bought 2 sticks of colored cotton candy spheres. She, then, handed in one stick to him and took the second.

“Here you go. Take this, its red.” She implemented.

“I see it as black…” He replied with disappointment.

“Oh, just taste it dear. It is magical.” She smiled.

He smelled it first, looked the girl in the eyes and grabbed a tender bite of the candy stick.

His facial expressions softened in a way that felt like he was traveling out of this world. He smiled and closed his eyes. He took another bite and opened his eyes.

The girl was excited but all of a sudden was shocked when he opened his eyes and saw the tears popping out of them.

“What? Do you see it?

Do you see the red?

Whats wrong?

Why are you crying?

Do you see it?

Do you?” She asked repeatedly while he kept eating and crying.

To be continued…

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