When She Smiled

When she smiled, his whole life smiled back. She meant the whole world to him, but he never knew why! She was his dream girl, and she dreamt a lot. He rolled back in time remembering when he first met her…

A girl walking on the road wearing a fabulous smile. She smiled at everyone, she smiled at him and that’s when he fell for her. Why did she smile that much? How happy was she to smile? That night barely had its minutes rolling. He searched for sleep among all the questions roaring about her in his head, but the roaring was much louder. He barely noticed the alarming agreement between sun rays and morning light to sneak into his room. That day was never like any other day that passed before, it was the day to start with a shiny smile. The idea was enough to dust the night off his eyes, and get ready to meet that fascinating smile.

His foot steps were uncertain, his heart almost stayed behind, but only his determination went along for this curious adventure. The bus stop was near and empty. Had she passed by already? No, his world deserved a smile that day and he was good enough to earn such a loving smile. He arrived early and time conspired with its own moments to pass slower than ever…

Steady footsteps came from behind, and he smiled. He turned back to welcome the queen of his smiling world, but he was mistaken. Those steps were the company of a young man disturbing his world. Suddenly, steps started to pay his surrounding more frequent visits. There was an old lady passing with her slow footsteps, that was the young student sliding his bag behind him, and there she came. Her smile was more shiny than the bright sun. Her eyes mesmerized him, his determination took over control of his legs, and he waited for her to reach him. She looked at him, her eyes questioning and her smiling more persistent…

His words choked in his throat, and he couldn’t speak. He only stared and focused on her smile. He tried so hard to speak, but his lips were as if stapled with silence. She waited for a moment, but he never spoke, then she left.

When she left, she took his smile with her. He never smiled again, and she never knew what was going on.

He, also, never knew that her smile resided only on her lips and not in her heart. He never knew that she will be leaving this life soon, and all that she wanted was to be remembered with a smile. She was hoping that her smile would reach a writer someday, and that writer would be fascinated by that smile. It would conquer his heart and his mind. And he would finally write about it in one of his writings.

She never knew if her goal was ever achieved.
She never knew if her smile was the center of a bunch of words.
She never knew if she will be remembered or not…

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